Terry Plumeri


Film Music Magazine Review of Plumeri's Score to Mr. Atlas

Every once in a while you hear a score from a composer youíre unfamiliar with (let alone for a movie youíve never heard of) that completely knocks your socks off. This monthís award (if not the yearís) for said soundtrack goes to Terry Plumeriís MR. ATLAS. For this family film in which a young boy discovers the Greek god in a Utah cave of all places, Plumeri pours on a colossus of majestic, good-hearted themes that truly soar from Brigham Young county to the halls of Mount Olympus. Getting a truly muscular sound from the towering orchestral forces of The Moscow Philharmonic, Plumeriís spectacular combination of rural folk stylings and adventurous pomp proudly displays the fantastically lush sensibility of any number of better-known scores by the likes of Bruce Broughton and James Horner. Sandals and harmonicas off to Intrada Records for bringing this buried score to life, along with Plumeriís equally impressive darkness for SCARECROWS. For in an ever-crowed soundtrack market where fans are constantly demanding the big titles, itís more than a risk to shine a light on a worthy composer. And MR. ATLAS is a virtual ďShazam!Ē to Plumeriís talent.

Daniel Schweiger - Film Music Magazine


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