Terry Plumeri


Review Quotes

"Hauntingly captivating…A high level of poise, polish and proportion…A sound world of poetic poignancy that casts an enthralling spell! These well-prepared, composer-conducted performances and recordings are both technically and esthetically stunning."
- Fanfare Magazine

“Exquisite sound…Haunting sense of tragedy… Vivid virtuosity…Exquisite balance…Ingenuous grace. Plumeri's Tchaikovsky is fashioned in the grand style of the Russian school. It permits him and his Moscow Philharmonic any number of shining moments."
- Audiophile Audition

"Plumeri has a wonderful gift for lyricism, and this work has a considerable amount of it. The opening solo by the bassoon is a particularly lovely theme."
- Double Reed Review

"Plumeri pours on a colossus of majestic, good-hearted themes that truly soar from Brigham Young county to the halls of Mount Olympus. Getting a truly muscular sound from the towering orchestral forces of The Moscow Philharmonic, Plumeri’s spectacular combination of rural folk stylings and adventurous pomp proudly displays fantastically lush sensibility."
- Film Music Magazine

"The emotional curve of Plumeri's music has a dramatic inevitability that carries the listener along without questioning and leaves him fully gratified, very much like the best of Tchaikovsky's efforts."
- Fanfare Magazine

"Both Windflower and The Pride of Baltimore, conducted by the composer, are expertly performed. The recording quality is magnificent! There is a lovely neo-romantic muse at work in Windflower."
- Double Reed Review

“Plumeri’s bowed bass work is endlessly compelling”
- Allaboutjazz.com

“This may well be a disc unique in the history of jazz. The sheer virtuosity of Plumeri’s arco bass often astounds.
- Audiophile Audition

"Stunning...A high level of music!"
- The Washington Post

"Plumeri's expressively singing Arco is a defining element...It also reveals him as an explorer of new territory for his instrument."
- Allaboutjazz.com

“Extraordinary bowing facility”
– Jazz Improv Magazine
“Plumeri bows his way through some amazing improvisations”
– Musicweb-International

“Extraordinary bowing skill”
- Jazzreview.com

“Plumeri’s bass has a lush texture with both the dexterity and
imagination to bring out the beauty of the standards he presents.”

“Plumeri’s floating bowing style gives the tune a uniquely haunted, wispy quality that's unlike anything I've heard before.”
-New Music Box.org

"Plumeri displays tremendous musicianship, a lot of chops, and complete command in the arco department."
- Bass World Magazine


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