Terry Plumeri


The Musicweb-International.com Review of Blue In Green by Don Mather

Terry Plumeri is probably better known as a composer and conductor of film scores, but this recording displays his talents as a virtuoso bass player. He certainly bows his way through some amazing improvisations and he is aided and abetted in no uncertain terms, by some excellent playing from David Goldblatt and Joe La Berbera.

I like the idea of an album of standards anyway, I have heard enough albums of original compositions which are not even played again by the people who wrote them, let alone anyone else!

The music is in the style of the late Bill Evans Trio, mostly quiet and beautifully constructed, but with occasional flashes of excitement as the rapport between the three musicians develops during each number. There must be very few bass players who could hold an audience in the way that Terry manages to grip you on this album. It must be unique in the jazz world for the bowed bass to be the main solo instrument.

The three musicians work in total rapport throughout the performance, each track has itís own delights and the whole adds up to a delightful collection of performances which would and should grace the shelves of any serious jazz listener.

Don Mather


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