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He Who Lives In Many Places

He Who Lives In Many Places

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He Who Lives In Many Places was Terry Plumeri's 1971 debut album as a jazz artist. Plumeri has since become the current recognized innovator of bowed bass solos in jazz today (See Terry Plumeri/Blue In Green/GMMC Records 745-2), as well as a critically acclaimed composer/conductor possessing numerous recordings as conductor of the Moscow Philharmonic (See Plumeri Conducts Plumeri/GMMC Records 731-2) (See Tchaikovsky Symphonies 4, 5 & 6/Plumeri/Moscow /GMMC Records 751-2).

Selected by Billboard Magazine to appear on their Hit Album Picks page at the time of it's original release, He Who Lives In Many Places was an influential recording of it's day. Still showing it's influence in it's ability to stand the test of time, and sounding as fresh as if it were recorded today, He Who Lives In Many Places features pianist Herbie Hancock, guitarist John Abercrombie, drummer Michael Smith and drummer Eric Gravatt playing percussion.

Notable qualities of the album are the debut of the arco bass voice of Terry Plumeri; the rare appearance of Herbie Hancock and John Abercrombie together; the classical side of Herbie Hancock, very seldom seen, which is displayed on the title cut; one of the only recorded examples of Herbie Hancock's playing in the year 1971 (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbie_Hancock); John Abercrombie's first appearance on record with a major jazz voice, prior to his success with the ECM label; the rare appearance of Eric Gravatt as a percussionist, who at the time of the recording was playing drums with Weather Report; the unusual combination of acoustic bass and electric guitar as a front line voice; the solid rhythmic and structural foundation provided by drummer Michael Smith.

In retrospect, He Who Lives In Many Places is a piece of jazz history, which for a number of years has lived only in the limited world of vinyl. Now with it's rebirth into the digital world, this music which was documented thirty-six years ago by premiere jazz recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder, and mastered by Grammy Award winning mastering engineer Arnie Acosta, now lives.

Reviews Quotes

"Terry Plumeri's bowed bass work is endlessly compelling."
– Allaboutjazz.com

"Plumeri continues to ply his skill at developing the vocal quality of the bass, through his extraordinary bowing facility…The performances and solo improvisations are outstanding."
– Jazz Improv Magazine

"Plumeri displays tremendous musicianship, a lot of chops, and complete command in the arco department."
– Bass World

"Plumeri accents his bowed-bass technique, eloquent in establishing a plaintive or contemplative mood."
– The Washington Post

"Plumeri has a wonderful gift for lyricism."
– Double Reed review

"Many bassists use the bow as a novelty, but Plumeri has both the dexterity and imagination to use it to bring out the beauty."
– Rambles.net

"Each track has it's own delights and the whole adds up to a delightful collection of performances which would and should grace the shelves of any serious jazz listener."
– Musicweb-international.com



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