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Tchaikovsky/Plumeri/Moscow PhilharmonicTchaikovsky/Plumeri/ Moscow Philharmonic
"The emotional curve of Plumeri's music has a dramatic inevitability that carries the listener along without questioning and leaves him fully gratified, very much like the best of Tchaikovsky's efforts."
Fanfare Magazine


Blue In GreenBlue In Green
"Terry Plumeri's bowed bass work is endlessly compelling. Pair it with musicians the caliber of David Goldblatt (Piano) and the great Joe La Barbera (drums) on a choice selection of standards and the effect is stunning."

Tchaikovsky/Plumeri/Moscow Philharmonic Tchaikovsky Symphonies 4,5 & 6
"Exquisite sound Haunting sense of tragedy Vivid virtuosity Exquisite balance Ingenuous grace. Plumeri's Tchaikovsky is fashioned in the grand style of the Russian school. It permits him and his Moscow Philharmonic any number of shinning moments."
— Audiophile Audition


Nate and the ColonelNate and the Colonel
"Like a talented actor, Plumeri has the gift of "getting" what a story is about and he possesses the skill to turn that "getting" into music that lifts a film up and makes it "more" than it was before he touched it. Like I said, Terry Plumeri is a director’s best friend."
— Paul Winters, Director of Nate and the Colonel

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