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Tchaikovsky Symphonies 4, 5 & 6

Tchaikovsky Symphonies 4, 5 & 6

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  • Tchaikovsky: Symphonies 4, 5 & 6 (GMMC Records).
    Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra
    Johnterryl Plumeri Conductor

    This highly anticipated 2 CD set, a milestone in the 12 year performing and recording relationship of Johnterryl Plumeri and the Moscow Philharmonic, will be a classical highlight of the coming year. Combine one of the greatest Russian orchestras, under the baton of a critically acclaimed conductor/composer, conducting works which are life long loves, and you simply have Tchaikovsky at it's very best. Sonically prepared in the studio by Plumeri, with the attention to detail that only comes from the in-depth listening and musical imaging of a conductor/composer, and mastered by the Grammy Award winning mastering engineer, Arnie Acosta. This recording promises to delight audiophiles everywhere.


    Reviews Quotes

    "Plumeri approaches Tchaikovsky as if it were just as newly minted as his own work. And for those of us who have taken these works for granted and not even actually "listened" to them for many years, this carefully paced and lucidly executed rendering is aurally revelatory. Rather than exaggerate or wallow in the score's pitfalls for potential excess, Plumeri just lets the music simply unveil itself without any forcing. And since this orchestra can no doubt perform this music in their collective sleep, they deliver a truly effortless and naturally breathing reading that is genuinely affecting."
    – Fanfare Magazine

    "Plumeri conducts the Moscow Philharmonic in a performance sensitive to the music's smallest nuances. The same qualities can be heard in the eloquent, expertly controlled performance of the "Pathetique," on which this orchestra has a special claim."
    – The Washington Post

    "Plumeri has a wonderful gift for lyricism,. And this work has a considerable amount of it."
    – Double Reed Review

    "Plumeri has an inborn dramatic sense of shape and pacing. These well-prepared, composer-conducted performances and recordings are both technically and esthetically stunning. Let us hope more Plumeri is in the recording pipeline."
    – Fanfare Magazine


    Play All Samples

    Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4. 1st Movement. (Sample 1)

    Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4. 1st Movement. (Sample 2)

    Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4. 2nd Movement. (Sample 3)

    Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4. 3rd Movement. (Sample 4)

    Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4. 4th Movement. (Sample 5)

    Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5. 1st Movement. (Sample 6)

    Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5. 2nd Movement. (Sample 7)

    Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5. 3rd Movement. (Sample 8)

    Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5. 4th Movement. (Sample 9)

    Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6. 1st Movement. (Sample 10)

    Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6. 2nd Movement. (Sample 11)

    Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6. 3rd Movement. (Sample 12)

    Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6. 4th Movement. (Sample 13)


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