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Plumeri Conducts Plumeri

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  • Plumeri: Windflower Pride of Baltimore. Johnterryl Plumeri conducting the Moscow Philharmonic, with Sara Watkins oboe. GMME 731-2 DDD; 38:34 (Distributed by Bayside)


    Reviews Quotes

    "The Pride of Baltimore and Windflower are two lovely programmatic orchestral works. These well-prepared, composer-conducted performances and recordings are both technically and esthetically stunning. Let us hope more Plumeri is in the recording pipeline."
    — Fanfare Magazine

    "The playing of Sara Watkins is enough to entice you to the ends of the earth."
    — London Times

    "Plumeri's primary aim is to please the ear and to communicate with the soul of the listener."
    — Fanfare Magazine

    "Both Windflower and The Pride of Baltimore, conducted by the composer, are expertly performed. The recording quality is magnificent! There is a lovely neo-romantic muse at work in Windflower."
    — Double Reed Review


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    Windflower (Sample 1)

    Windflower (Sample 2)

    Windflower (Sample 3)

    Pride of Baltimore (Sample 1)

    Pride of Baltimore (Sample 2)

    Pride of Baltimore (Sample 3)

    Pride of Baltimore (Sample 4)

    Pride of Baltimore (Sample 5)


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