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Johnterryl Plumeri and The Moscow Philharmonic Live At Tchaikovsky Hall - DVD

Johnterryl Plumeri and The Moscow Philharmonic Live At Tchaikovsky Hall - DVD

Johnterryl Plumeri and The Moscow Philharmonic Live At Tchaikovsky Hall In Moscow is the soon to be released DVD, featuring critically acclaimed composer/conductor Johnterryl Plumeri and The Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. The first in a series, this DVD is a high energy, live performance of Plumeri conducting the music of Tchaikovsky, as well his own original compositions, in one of the world’s greatest concert halls, Tchaikovsky Hall.

The performance is that of the Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5, as well as two of Plumeri's most popular compositions, Windflower for Solo Oboe and Orchestra and The Pride of Baltimore, the latter being dedicated to the ill fated tall ship of the same name. This program gives the audience the rare experience of seeing and hearing a living composer conducting his own works, as well as that of a contemporary composer/conductor’s interpretation of the work of a great composer of the past. All of this is presented in 5.1 surround sound by one of the great and most well known orchestras of the world, The Moscow Philharmonic.

In regard to Plumeri's work with The Moscow Philharmonic, Audiophile Audition has said, “Exquisite sound…Haunting sense of tragedy…Vivid virtuosity…Exquisite balance…Ingenuous grace. Plumeri's Tchaikovsky is fashioned in the grand style of the Russian school. It permits him and his Moscow Philharmonic any number of shining moments.” Fanfare Magazine has said, "These well-prepared composer conducted performances and recordings are both technically and esthetically stunning. The emotional curve of Plumeri's music has a dramatic inevitability that carries the listener along without questioning and leaves him fully gratified, very much like the best of Tchaikovsky's efforts."

This highly anticipated concert DVD, a milestone in the 15 year performing and recording relationship of Johnterryl Plumeri and the Moscow Philharmonic, will be a classical highlight of the coming year. Combine one of the greatest Russian orchestras, under the baton of a critically acclaimed conductor/composer, conducting works which are life long loves, and you simply have Tchaikovsky and Plumeri at their very best. Sonically prepared in the studio by Plumeri, with the attention to detail that only comes from the in-depth musical imaging of a conductor/composer, and mastered by the Grammy Award winning mastering engineer, Arnie Acosta, this high energy live concert experience promises to delight audiences everywhere.


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